A pictorial tour of West Winds Fly Shop

Randy is the shop manager.

A great fly selection.

Store is always well stocked and tidy.

West Winds Fly Shop carries a wide range of products.

Colorful fly tying material

Hooks to tie for salt or fresh water prey.







Gord Kennedy was the founder and driving force behind West Winds Fly Shop. He worked tirelessly at the shop but found time to act on behalf of the Bow River. He undoubtedly has been the Bow's biggest benefactor over the years. Sadly Gord passed away October 6/13. He has been deeply and profoundly missed by his wife and all that knew him.


In addition West Winds offers Calgary's most extensive selection of quality flies custom tied by local tyers. Gord Kennedy has tied professionally since 1985, producing up to 30,000 flies a year. In addition Gord recruits local tyers who are all dedicated flyfishers and have a broad experience of a wide variety of fishing locales. When planning a fishing trip to any location, contact West Winds for a consultation - we can provide flies and advise for your needs.